2017 Nourishing Networks Workshop- Wayne County, WV

WV FOODLINK and WVU-Extension are happy to announce that we will be hosting our 2017 Nourishing Networks Healthy Food Access Planning Workshop in Wayne County, WV from 10am -7pm on Friday, April 21st 2017. The workshop will be held at Heritage Farm Museum in Huntington and will focus on healthy food access planning in Wayne County. Our goal is to create exciting new spaces for food access planning at the the local level!  With generous support from the USDA, Benedum Foundation, Sisters Health Foundation, McDonough Foundation and WVU we are pleased to announce that attendance and registration are free.

The workshop experience will include:

1. WV FOODLINK presentation of our Community Food Security Assessment for Wayne County

2. Access to Healthy Food Planning Tools – WV FOODLINK will introduce an interactive online atlas tool that presents information about food access in your county in West Virginia. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the food access issues by engaging with media based on unique sectors such as the emergency food network, government entitlement programs, school meal programs, and alternative programs.

3. Work in teams to do a localized assessment – We provide training on how to shape the future direction of community food work in your area

4. Work in teams to create a healthy food access plan – Work with others from diverse backgrounds to identify problems and develop sustained efforts towards improving food access for a specific geographic region.

5. 2 meals included + networking opportunities with other healthy food access advocates across Wayne County and the state.

Location details: Pioneer Hall, 3300 Harvey Road, Heritage Farm Museum Huntington, WV


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